Using Anti Charity to Achieve Goals

I am a big fan of Tim Ferriss, I have read most of his books and listen to his podcast regularly. One of the things he advocates for is to use an “anti-charity” to achieve your goals. The idea is that you promise to donate to a charity that you hate if you do not complete a goal. There is psychology behind this with our brains focus on avoiding losses rather than gaining.

For me I want to start waking up earlier, so I can get more done in a day and have a more regular sleep cycle. I have planned to use this model of encouragement for awhile but I felt there wouldn’t be a successful way to monitor it without getting a personal assistant. There are solutions like Stickk (great name, almost as good as Pickk 😉 ) but they dont automate the location part.

Luckily I found a solution that helps to automate this. Stringify allows you to build simple “flows” that trigger events. The user interface is pretty simple.


You are able to build some logic based of things on your phone.

On the left is my “Flow”.

  • If it is 8:30 am (Date & Time)
  • And If my phone is within 1000 feet of my home


  • Send an email to donate $50 to Donald Trump for president.

I would really not like to donate money to Trump’s campaign. It would be embarrassing after creating Coders For Sanders and it would put my name on a list that would get me unwanted mailers.

The system is currently only sending an email it’s not doing the automatic donation. I plan to have a friend do the donation part, that way if the system messes up for whatever reason my friend can ask before submitting the donation.

Is there a better way to achieve goals? Let me know what you think. Leave comment below to share the knowledge!